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One of the important steps of the Basic Method is: "Each time you release you feel lighter and freer.  If you continue to release, you will feel continually lighter, happier, and freer."  Some people write their gains in a notebook.

If you prefer, we will keep track of your gains!  Send your gains to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will keep track of them.  We will send them to you at your request, or you can do a search in your email to see the progress you have made!

Feedback on Book...


"Dear Steve,
Thank you for replying to my emails and you are quick! I finished your book and only wished that it was longer. Many of the things Lester shared with you are very interesting. I've been searching for so long, through religion, self help, therapy, eliminationg addictions, etc.. I really think the releasing is a powerful way to change and after reading your book I understand better why it is so powerful."


"Dear K.I.S.S. Releasing Staff:
I 'm writing to say that I read all the book yesterday and enjoyed it very much. I could relate with you from the first few words as I too have been a composer...However, I have found peace and happiness in my life since I have known Lester's technique. Everything else has failed but this simple technique.

I might have taken some hints here and there before, but through reading your book it all came clearer and made my understanding of the principles even more practicle and easy to grasp now. I sort of got it more and more as I was reading , thank you for your effort in putting the information out there and hopefully more and more people will come aware of the importance of releasing everyday , before events happen or just to let go of whats' lingering in the back of our mind waiting for our attention, and release.

Thank you Steve for your kind generosity,
Denis C .

Gains from Releasing...


"Dear Stephen and Sam,
I have a couple of gains to report. Before the call on Sunday I was feeling very sick. I knew it was my control causing me to resist getting on the call. Working on w/c at the end of the call was great! I definitely felt lighter and was no longer feeling sick. The second gain was with a long standing health problem I've had. I was releasing on it this morning and found that a lot of the reason it has been staying is w/c which lead to w/s. That was a great breakthrough for me. Looking forward to next Sunday! Have a super week." ----Lonni

" Hello Steve and Sam,
Since the call I have found LOADS of stuff coming up to be released on....My goal for the course is to be cigarette free..have noticed since beginning the release on them, that they are my relax peace mechanisms, so now am releasing on the needs they are supposed to give, and am not lighting up as often. Also Freedom to me means free from all the garbage and noises from my own mind, and my reaction to them. This makes freedom much more desirable ... since it is my mind that sends me straight to hell each day. I am very grateful for the course and thrilled to be a part of it. Onward and upward to freedom!"----Lonil
"I've been searching for jobs for a long time, but now I've been to three job interviews recently. Last one was today. I even got another job recently, as a sound producer, by just sending an e-mail to a person. No need for an interview or background check at all, no questions asked, just got the job. So it apparently helps to release.

Yesterday, just before participating in the second teleseminar, I was instructing a group of 50 students in martial arts at a camp. That's huge for me, since I've always had terrible w/s and w/a while doing public speaking. The w/s and w/a still comes up all the time, but at least I can deal with it now. Talking to 50 people would have seemed impossible a couple of years ago, believe me" - Per

"I had a financial gain of an unexpected € 400. And  €2300,- is coming my way soon.Further I feel more clear and peacefull.
with love and warm regards,"