What Did Lester Prove?

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Lester and Me, My Unforgettable Conversations With American Master, Lester Levenson Kindle Edition

What Did He Do that No One Else Has?

Most Therapists and now Doctors even tell their Patients that the way to evolve or get well is to "LET GO"....But do they tell you How?  Or if they do, is it usually tied to your emotions or to the relaxation of the body.



Psychology Works Primarily In LEAVES = NEGATIVE THOUGHTS (Physical Level)



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Religions and Most Therapies Work in BRANCHES = NEGATIVE FEELINGS Astral Emotional



Byron Katie and Dr. Daniel Amen of "Change Your Brain, Change Your LIfe" talk about releasing negative Programs at this level.

K.I.S.S. Releasing WORKS         ROOTS = MASTER PROGRAMS           Causal Plane

IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT, the easiest obstacles to spot are Negative Thoughts, which are represented by Leaves. Below that, represented by the Branches, are the Negative Feelings. Have you ever noticed how when you are anxious or unsure, that feeling generates a number of Negative Thoughts..."Maybe this will go wrong" .... "Maybe that bad thing will happen" ... "What if I can't....?" That is why releasing at the feeling level is more powerful than merely eliminating negative thoughts.

Below that, we have the Trunk, which could be your major Negative Beliefs or Programs, "NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY, I NEVER GET IT," "I'M AFRAID IF I GET IT I'LL ONLY LOSE IT ANYWAY," "I REALLY DON'T DESERVE IT,".which can be major stumbling blocks to Love and Success.

However, many people, in spite of recognizing these programs cannot seem to let them go. That is because there are roots that Lester discovered, the "3 Wants" or "MASTER PROGRAMS", which feed all the negativity above, and when released, literally clear out the roots of all the rest of the Obstacles.

The Sedona Method aka Release Technique is the only technique in the world that teaches how to release these MASTER PROGRAMS.  Have you ever pulled at a week and not gotten the roots out? What happens?  It grows right back!

More on Lester Levenson

Lester was a Hard Headed Physicist who would not believe any experiment unless he could prove it to himself 3 times.

He was born July 19, 1909 in New Jersey, as a very shy boy in a normal middle class family.  He tried to live up to his father's expectations, getting a good education, and being good at whatever he attempted to accomplish.  He was drawn the fields of science, especially the natural sciences, and of the science of man.  He graduated from Rutgers U. with a degree in Physics and spent 20 years working in engineering and physics, including research and development in 14 different fields.

He also ventured into various businesses, from  restaurants to building and oil, intertwined with engineering, all wanting what everyone wanted - to be a big success in the world.

At that time he did not know that what he was really seeking were the answers to life itself, but he still spent enormous amounts of energy seeking that answer in his work. As the years went by, with an inability to love from an early broken heart and overwork, he became ill with depression and various symptoms. In 1952, he had had Jaundice 3 times a year, an enlarged liver, kidney stones, perforated ulcers and migraine headaches.  In 1952 his body finally went into complete revolt with a second coronary thrombosis.

He was told he was on the edge of death.that he shouldn't even bend over and tie his shoes if possible. He was terrified of death, but told himself, "You're still breathing, Lester, there's still a chance." He had always been considered very smart, and had even received a scholarship to Rutgers University at a time when few Jews received them.  He felt himself, after all this schooling, and all this effort, to have reached the end of the line without ever knowing happiness or even a shred of good health, to be "stupid, stupid, stupid."  He had studied psychology, philosophy, economics, logic, and began to realize that all that accumulated knowledge had done him no good whatsoever.

So, with nothing left to do but evade the claws of death, he sat day and night, using his tremendous power of focus, to look for the answers.  He realized to find the right answers, you must ask the right questions. He began to see the important questions were, "What am I?" "What is happiness?" "What is this world and how do I relate to it?"

The first breakthrough came when he discovered the real secret to was when he was loving...that it equated to when he was loving as opposed to being loved.  He began to experiment with changing all his need to be loved, to instead, being loving.  This was a big surprise to him, as everyone at that time believed the opposite.

He realized that Happiness equated to his capacity to love, regardless of whether the other person :"deserved" it or not. He began correcting all his thoughts and feeling from the direction of wanting to be loved to loving. In the process, he discovered another major breakthrough that shocked him. He saw that his wanting to change the whole world was the cause of his ulcers

In seeing how his wanting to change everything actually made him a slave, he began to reverse all that as well. In the process of following out these two directions,  actually unloading all the subconscious pressures in those directions, he found himself getting happier, freer, lighter, and just better in general.

He had a dogged determination that had stood him well in his research work.  Now he decided to apply that to this new realization.  He felt if a piece of the happiness pie was that good, he should try to get the whole pie. So he went at it intensely, also asking, "What am I?" "What is this life really about?" The intensity of his decision allowed him to get the answers in only three months.  He felt that if he could do it, anybody could, if they had that  much "want to".

By the time the three months was over, all his physical ailments had corrected themselves.  All his misery had dropped away.  He felt happy all the time, no one bothered him. The world still went on doing its usual thing, but was able to resolve problems so quickly is was effortless. Having cleared out all his negatives, he was able to see a path to a resolution immediately.  And so his whole life turned around from being depressed and sick, to being happy all the time, and being in perfect health all the time.

The other thing that happened to him was that he began to see we are all related, we are all inter-connected.  Each mind is like a radi broadcast station, and we are just not tuned into the other minds.  As the suppressed energies were allowed out, this became obvious to him.  He said to Hale Dwoskin, "Once we identify with everyone else, it is natural that we want everyone else to discover what we have discovered...that life was meant to be beautiful, happy, without sorrow. And to have perfect health. And so after reaching that high point in 1952, I wanted others to discover what I had discovered."

One of the tests he gave himself was to see if he could create a million dollars, which in 1952 was worth a lot.  He made it easily in real estate, with only win-win deals, and then donated it to a nonprofit organization that teaches the Sedona Method.